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ASMG’s UPSL Premier Division’s Top 10 Goals (Spring 2023)

Top Ten Goals of the 2023 Spring Season in the UPSL Georgia Premier Division

10. North Georgia United
9. Dalton United
8. Club the Strongest
6. Atlanta Rovers
5. Atlanta United
4. Kalonji Pro-Profile
3. Legends FC
2. Atlanta Rovers
1. North Georgia United

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About the Atlantic Soccer Media Group:
The Atlantic Soccer Media Group is a sports broadcasting company that produces live match coverage for lower tier soccer leagues in the United States. Clients include teams from the United Premier Soccer League, United Women’s Soccer and other leagues in the Southeast Region of the United States.

Who is the United Premier Soccer League?
The United Premier Soccer League is a Semi-Professional soccer league that occupies the fourth tier of the US Soccer pyramid, just below the three professional tiers in the pyramid. The UPSL is the largest and most competitive pro-development league in North America. The UPSL operates year-round, comprising of a Spring and Fall season. Each season includes a national playoff that ends with the crowning of a National Champion.

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