ASMG’s UPSL Premier Division’s Top 10 Goals (Spring 2023)

Top Ten Goals of the 2023 Spring Season in the UPSL Georgia Premier Division

10. North Georgia United
9. Dalton United
8. Club the Strongest
6. Atlanta Rovers
5. Atlanta United
4. Kalonji Pro-Profile
3. Legends FC
2. Atlanta Rovers
1. North Georgia United

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Who is the United Premier Soccer League?
The United Premier Soccer League is a Semi-Professional soccer league that occupies the fourth tier of the US Soccer pyramid, just below the three professional tiers in the pyramid. The UPSL is the largest and most competitive pro-development league in North America. The UPSL operates year-round, comprising of a Spring and Fall season. Each season includes a national playoff that ends with the crowning of a National Champion.

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UPSL Georgia Community Cup

The UPSL Georgia Conference will have a new competitive feature named the 2023 Summer Community Cup. This new competition has been created as a season curtain raiser and will put the regular season winner of Division 1 up against the regular season winner of the Premier Division.

Historic Silverback’s Park Stadium is a fitting venue for this match.

In this game we will have current  Division 1 Champion’s UMA FC facing current Premier Division winners Dalton United FC. The match will be played at Silverbacks Stadium in Doraville Georgia on Friday, August 18th. The Atlantic Soccer Media Group will be the broadcast partner to live stream the match on YouTube.

Both Dalton United FC and UMA FC are both newer teams in the Georgia Conference but both have stamped their presence on the conference with impressive displays both in their respective regular season’s as well as in the post season.

Come out to beautiful Silverback’s Park for a great sporting evening for the entire family and witness tomorrow’s stars today competing at the top level in the United Premier Soccer League.

Legends FC Skipper’s Battle Beyond The Pitch

Legends FC head coach, Mark Wozniak has build a solid Georgia Premier Division side in the United Premier Soccer League (UPSL) in their first year in the league. But there is more to coach Wozniak than meets the eye. Since birth, Wozniak has battled chronic kidney disease in additional to fulfilling his duties as college coach and head coach of the Pro-Development club, Legends FC currently playing the UPSL.

Despite the monumental challenges this brings to Wozniak, it’s clear this has not stopped him from excelling in his position as coach at the highest levels. This life, has included a soccer scholarship to university and a stint overseas in the game. Something that is his medical staff could not have predicted for Wozniak.

More recently, complications have forced a bit of a change to coach Wozniak’s daily routine. This includes dialysis 3 times a week and being placed on a waiting list for a kidney transplant. All the while, still working his passion in the game. A real challenge for the coach but also a inspiration to all who come into contact with him.

To read the full story from Pacey Strickland, click here to go to The Times-News